Results of base case analysis (five scenarios)

Base case analysis and comparatorMean cost per patientIncremental cost#
Sputum smear-positive TB suspects
 Xpert MTB/RIF as an add-on157.20
 Conventional approach205.4748.27
Sputum smear-positive MDR-TB suspects
 Xpert MTB/RIF as an add-on240.930
 Conventional approach430.49189.56
Sputum smear-negative TB suspects
 Xpert MTB/RIF as an add-on512.170
 Conventional approach1015.17503.0
Sputum smear-negative MDR-TB suspects
 Xpert MTB/RIF as an add-on518.030
 Conventional approach1033.28515.25
Xpert MTB/RIF replacing smears
 Xpert MTB/RIF440.970
 Conventional approach890.95449.98
  • Costs are presented as €. TB: tuberculosis; MDR: multidrug-resistant. #: increase in total costs resulting from using the conventional approach alone versus including Xpert MTB/RIF as an add-on or as a replacement.