Epidemiological and clinical data of patients from Equatorial Guinea put on standardised short-course MDR-TB treatment in Cameroon (2013–2015)

PatientTreatment startAgeSexType of patient#Cfx exposureDrug resistance profile+Results of LPA (Hain®) testing for resistance to Flq+Treatment outcome
117 July 201343MF2NARHENADefaulted (lost)
203 Nov 201353FF2NARHEZYesFailure
311 Nov 201436FF2+++RHESYesFailure
403 April 201526MF2NoRHETesting ongoingUnder treatment
521 April 201523FF2+++RHESYesUnder treatment
622 April 201522FF1+++RHEYesUnder treatment
722 April 201533FF2+++RNo culture growthUnder treatment
822 April 201542MF2NoRHENoUnder treatment
922 April 201520MF2++RHENoUnder treatment
1024 April 201529MF2+++RHENo culture growthUnder treatment
1124 April 201523MR1NoRHESNoUnder treatment
1228 April 201532MF2++RHESNoUnder treatment
1328 April 201520FF2+++RHETesting ongoingUnder treatment
1414 May 201542FF1+++RNo culture growthUnder treatment
1521 May 201558MF1+RNoUnder treatment
  • Cfx: ciprofloxacin; LPA: line probe assay; Flq: fluoroquinolone; M: male; F: female; F1: Failure after first treatment; F2: failure after (several) retreatments; R1: relapse after first treatment; NA: not available; +: recalled one treatment episode; ++: recalled two treatment episodes; +++: recalled three or more treatment episodes; E: Ethambutol; H: isoniazid; O: ofloxacin; R: rifampicin; S: streptomycin.