Duration of therapy for chronic pulmonary aspergillosis (CPA)

CPA patients on  antifungal therapyControl of infection, arrest of pulmonary fibrosis, prevention of haemoptysis, improved quality of life6 months of antifungal therapyBII[15, 30, 31, 59, 83, 89, 96]Optimal duration of therapy in CPA is unknown, indefinite suppressive therapy may be appropriate in selected patients
Long-term antifungal therapy, depending on status and drug toleranceCIII[15, 30, 89, 59]
SAIA/CNPACure6 monthsBII[15, 30]Longer durations may be necessary in those with continuing immunosuppression
  • SoR: strength of recommendation; QoE: quality of evidence; SAIA: subacute invasive aspergillosis; CNPA: chronic necrotising pulmonary aspergillosis.