Characteristics of the 621 patients

 Age years68±18
 ≥75 years old299 (48.1)
 Male237 (38.2)
Comorbidities to PE
 Concurrent symptomatic DVT232 (37.4)
 Previous DVT or PE66 (10.6)
ICD-9-CM codes for secondary diagnoses
 Active cancer72 (11.6)
 Chronic bronchitis82 (13.2)
 Chronic pulmonary heart disease110 (17.7)
 Chronic ischaemic heart disease89 (14.3)
 Heart failure38 (6.1)
 Essential hypertension209 (33.7)
 Diabetes mellitus99 (15.9)
 Disorders of lipid metabolism124 (20.0)
 Asthma14 (2.3)
APR DRG severity level
 Minor56 (9.0)
 Moderate297 (47.8)
 Major209 (33.7)
 Extreme59 (9.5)
  • Data are presented as mean±sd or n (%). PE: pulmonary embolism; DVT: deep venous thrombosis; ICD-9-CM: International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision (Clinical Modification); APR DRG: All Patient Refined Diagnosis Related Group.