Logistic regression model for the risk associated with in-hospital mortality

OR (95% CI)p-value
Age years1.064 (1.054–1.074)0.0001
Charlson Comorbidity Index points1.137 (1.087–1.189)0.0001
Ventilatory support: yes3.667 (2.997–4.486)0.0001
Respiratory acidosis
 Mild versus normal1.582 (1.286–1.945)0.0001
 Severe versus normal2.313 (1.721–3.109)
  • N=16 016. Respiratory acidosis is categorised as: severe, pH <7.25; mild, pH 7.25–7.35; normal, pH >7.35. Results are from a random effects model adjusting for country.