Multivariable linear regression analysis of predictors of log-transformed total costs as dependent variable

PredictorsRelative increase (95% CI) in costp-value
Age group1.07 (1.04–1.10)0.001
Chronic pulmonary heart disease1.18 (1.07–1.29)0.002
Heart failure1.52 (1.25–1.85)0.001
Intensive care unit1.49 (1.31–1.69)0.001
Thrombolysis1.54 (1.27–1.88)0.001
Type of hospital1.06 (1.04–1.07)0.001
  • p<0.0001 for the model with R²=0.289 for this six-variable model. Estimation of the parameters and the 95% confidence intervals was carried out using the bootstrap technique.