Performance of different screening strategies to rule out active tuberculosis (TB) before latent TB infection treatment based on a hypothetical cohort population of 1000 at a baseline TB prevalence of 0.5% [21]

Screening strategySensitivity %Specificity %Negative predictive value %False negatives at screening nFalse positives at screening n
Cough for more than 2–3 weeks alone359599.6353
Presence of cough for more than  2–3 weeks followed by CXR905699.7323
Any TB symptom alone#776899.81321
Presence of any TB symptom followed by CXR905699.81141
TB specific abnormality on CXR878999.90.6105
Any abnormality on CXR987599.90.1244
Any abnormality on CXR plus presence of any  TB symptom100611000385
  • CXR: chest radiograph. #: includes any one of: cough, haemoptysis, fever, night sweats, weight loss, chest pain, shortness of breath and fatigue.