Pulmonary hypertension profiles of the patients at diagnosis

BBNo BBPartial BBp-value
Subjects n13337560
RA dilatation75 (97)250 (97)60 (100)0.82
RV dilatation61 (79)206 (80)46 (77)0.90
TR jet velocity cm·s-1407±71405±73435±610.74
Positive bubble study8 (10)27 (11)4 (7)0.97
RVSP mmHg73±2374±2477±270.68
sPAP mmHg74±1975±2181±230.41
dPAP mmHg30±932±1135±120.08
mPAP mmHg45±1147±1451±160.08
PCWP mmHg9±310±610±30.16
Pulmonary vascular resistance Wood units9±510±611±70.16
Cardiac index (Fick) L·min-1·m-22.6±0.92.4±22.5±1.80.04
Cardiac output (Fick) L·min-14.9±24.5±24.5±20.04
Pulmonary arterial oxygen saturation %63±1264±1362±110.41
PAH medications
 Epoprostenol33 (25)127 (34)21 (35)0.05
 Sildenafil66 (50)144 (38)28 (46)0.02
 Bosentan32 (24)112 (30)20 (33)0.20
 Treprostinil11 (8)41 (11)8 (13)0.37
 Ambrisentan15 (11)18 (5)9 (15)0.10
 Tadalafil12 (9)19 (5)6 (10)0.10
 Iloprost4 (3)11 (3)3 (5)0.96
 Oxygen therapy29 (22)84 (23)17 (28)0.86
  • Data are presented as n (%) or mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. n=568. BB: patients who had continued to use β-blockers until they reached the end-points of the study; no BB: patients who had never used β-blockers; partial BB: patients who were started on β-blocker therapy but discontinued after a period; RA: right atrium; RV: right ventricle; TR: tricuspid regurgitation; RVSP: right ventricular systolic pressure; sPAP: systolic pulmonary artery pressure; dPAP: diastolic pulmonary artery pressure; mPAP: mean pulmonary artery pressure; PCWP: pulmonary capillary wedge pressure; PAH: pulmonary arterial hypertension.