In vivo results of treatment with macrolides

First author [ref.]StrainMiceInfectionDrugDoseTreatment
End-pointOrgansLog10 CFUResult
Klemens [59]1 MDR-TB CIFemale outbred 4-week-old CD-1 miceIntravenousCLR200 mg·kg−1 5 days·week−14 weeksCFU countsSpleen–1.63
Luna-Herrera [39]H37RvEither sex 4–6-week-old C57BL/6 miceIntravenousCLR200 mg·kg−14 weeksCFU countsSpleen–0.69
5 days per week8 weeksNA
4 weeksLung–1.41
8 weeksNA
CLR+TZ4 weeksSpleen–0.16
8 weeks–0.31
4 weeksLung–0.95
8 weeks–0.29
CLR+SM4 weeksSpleen–0.29
8 weeks+0.01
4 weeksLung–0.02
8 weeks+0.37
Mortality rate–100%
Truffot-Pernot [60]H37RvFemale Swiss miceIntravenousCLR200 mg·kg−1 6 times per week6 weeks (spleen)Mortality rate–60.8%
4 weeks (lung)Spleen weight–125 mg
Falzari [47]ErdmanFemale 8-week-old BALB/c miceAerosolCLR200 mg·kg−1 daily20 daysCFU countsLungs–0.94
  • MDR-TB: multidrug-resistant tuberculosis; CI: clinical isolate; CLR: clarithromycin; NA: not applicable; TZ: thioacetazoe; SM: streptomycin.