Summary of modifications to QOL–PCD after cognitive testing

Modifications after cognitive testing
Items added to scalesRespiratory symptoms:
 Chest tightness
Sinus symptoms:
 Post-nasal drip
 Sinus pain
Physical functioning:
 Carrying heavy things, such as books and shopping bags
Health perceptions:
 I feel healthy
Emotional functioning:
 Felt depressed
 Felt lonely
Social functioning:
 Stay at home more often than would like
 Feel comfortable coughing in front of others
 Feel comfortable blowing nose in front of others
 Intimacy with a partner (kissing, hugging, sexual activity)
 Worried about being exposed to others who are sick
 Comfortable doing treatments (airway clearance, physiotherapy) in front of others
 Treatment burden
 Physiotherapy/airway clearance made you feel tired quickly
Items deleted from scalesHealth perceptions:
 I feel in control of my PCD
Emotional functioning:
 Felt angry
 Felt limited
 Felt self-conscious
 Social functioning
 Self-conscious coughing and blowing my nose in public
Treatment burden:
 Treatments made you feel better
 Physiotherapy is hard work
Wording modificationsEmotional functioning:
 “Felt anxious” changed to “felt worried”
 “Felt frustrated” changed to “felt frustrated about doing your daily treatments”