Group characteristics and lung function according to health status# in 1901 children from 2767 test occasions

HealthyExclusion criterion
3: preterm/low birthweight4: prior asthma5: symptomatic at test
Subjects n1520186158111
Test occasions+ n2199232208141
Age at test years8.5±1.78.7±1.68.4±1.78.4±1.5
Height§ z-score0.48±1.050.23±1.160.41±1.140.45±1.01
FEV1 z-score0.03±0.90−0.11±1.00−0.27±0.96***−0.29±1.12***
FVC z-score0.17±0.920.11±0.970.12±0.870.02±1.10
FEV1/FVC z-score−0.27±0.95−0.41±1.00−0.72±1.02***−0.55±1.11***
  • Data presented are % or mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC: forced vital capacity. #: exclusion criteria not mutually exclusive; : <2.5 kg; +: with technically acceptable spirometry results; §: defined according to [12]. ***: p<0.001 compared to lung function from healthy children.