Circumstances of death in 475 patients who died in 41 intensive care units (ICUs)

Circumstances of deathSubjects
Death following decision to withhold or withdraw treatments
 No91 (19.2)
 Decision to withhold treatment152 (32)
 Decision to withdraw treatment232 (48.8)
Decision-making process
 No decision91 (19.2)
 Relatives only informed of the decision160/384 (42)
 Relatives involved in the decision making process224/384 (58)
Family agreement with EOL decision373 (78.5)
Disclosure of death
 Family was present at patient's bedside266 (56)
 Family was informed over the phone152 (32)
 Family was informed upon arrival to the ICU57 (12)
Death and ventilation
 Patient died while intubated318 (67)
 Patient died after recent extubation69 (14.5)
 Patient was never ventilated88 (18.5)
Who was present in patient's room at the time of death?#
 Relatives266 (56)
 Physician at bedside165 (34.7)
 Nurse at bedside304 (64)
Compliance with quality indicators for EOL care [47]
 Family-centred decision-making/involvement224 (47.1)
 24-h family presence166 (34.7)
 Spiritual support62 (13)
 Emotional support available in ICU176 (37.1)
 Intervention of external palliative care consultant12 (2.5)
  • Data are presented as n (%) or n/N (%). EOL: end of life. #: the sum exceeds 475 as more than one person could be present at the time of death for the same patient.