TABLE 4 Univariable analysis and multiple logistic regression analysis on successful treatment completion by baseline smoking status
Subjects nTreatment success#%OR (95% CI)p-valueAdjusted OR (95% CI)p-value
Baseline smoking status<0.001<0.001
 Ex-smokers470876.70.59 (0.54–0.65)0.73 (0.65–0.82)
 Current smokers395081.50.79 (0.72–0.88)0.72 (0.64–0.82)
Overall16 34581.7
  • #: cure or treatment completion (successfully completed treatment of ≥6 months for new cases and ≥8 months for retreatment cases), irrespective of subsequent relapse or death or loss to follow-up. : adjusted for all potential confounding variables as listed in table 1, with all variables forced into the model; age was included as a continuous variable because of its reverse linear association with treatment success.