Predictors of adverse 30-day outcome in normotensive pulmonary embolism

OR95% CIp-valueC-index
Univariable logistic regression analysis
 Chronic cardiopulmonary disease3.041.33–6.930.008
 RV dysfunction on echocardiography4.081.65–10.070.002
 sPESI ≥18.381.96–35.850.004
Multivariable logistic regression analysis
 sPESI ≥16.181.42–26.920.0150.67
 RV dysfunction on echocardiography3.231.29–8.070.012
 Additional impact
  hsTnT ≥14 pg·mL−17.110.91–55.430.0610.76
  Age-adjusted hsTnT cut-off value#4.561.30–16.010.0180.77
  • RV: right ventricular; sPESI: simplified pulmonary embolism severity index; hsTnT: high-sensitivity troponin T. #: age-adjusted hsTnT cut-off value was defined as hsTnT levels ≥14 pg·mL−1 in young (age <75 years) patients and hsTnT levels ≥45 pg·mL−1 in elderly (age ≥75 years) patients.