The World Health Organization post-2015 global tuberculosis (TB) strategy [8]

 A world free of TB: zero deaths, disease and suffering due to TB
 End the global TB epidemic
Targets for 2035
 95% reduction in TB deaths (compared with 2015)
 90% reduction in TB incidence rate (<10 TB cases per 100 000 population)
 No affected families facing catastrophic costs due to TB
 1) Government stewardship and accountability, with monitoring and evaluation
 2) Strong coalition with civil society organisations and communities
 3) Protection and promotion of human rights, ethics and equity
 4) Adaptation of the strategy and targets at country level, with global collaboration
Pillars and components
 1) Integrated, patient-centred care and prevention
  A. Early diagnosis of TB including universal drug susceptibility testing, and systematic screening of contacts and high-risk groups
  B. Treatment of all people with TB including drug-resistant TB, and patient support
  C. Collaborative TB/HIV activities and management of comorbidities
  D. Preventive treatment of persons at high-risk and vaccination against TB
 2) Bold policies and supportive systems
  A. Political commitment with adequate resources for TB care and prevention
  B. Engagement of communities, civil society organisations and public and private care providers
  C. Universal health coverage policy and regulatory frameworks for case notification, vital registration, quality and rational use of medicines, and infection control
  D. Social protection, poverty alleviation and actions on other determinants of TB
 3) Intensified research and innovation
  A. Discovery, development and rapid uptake of new tools, interventions and strategies
  B. Research to optimise implementation and impact, and promote innovations