TABLE 5 Univariable and multivariable of risk of tuberculosis relapse by baseline smoking status
Subjects nAll relapseBacteriologically confirmed relapse
Cases n (%)p-value#Adjusted HR (95% CI)p-valueCases n (%)p-value#Adjusted HR (95% CI)p-value
Baseline smoking status<0.0010.001+<0.001<0.001+
 Never-smokers6517166 (2.5)Reference63 (1.0)Reference
 Ex-smokers3611124 (3.4)1.33 (1.04–1.71)65 (1.8)1.46 (1.01–2.10)
 Current smokers3221136 (4.2)1.63 (1.29–2.06)76 (2.4)2.10 (1.50–2.94)
Overall13 349426 (3.2)204 (1.5)
  • HR: hazard ratio. #: Kaplan–Meier analysis, log-rank test. : adjusted for all variables listed in table 1, using the backward conditional approach with probability to retain being 0.05 and probability to remove being 0.10; age was included as a continuous variable because of its linear association with relapse; besides baseline smoking status, only age, retreatment case, extent of lung involvement and baseline sputum status were retained in the final model. +: p-value for trend across categories of never-smokers, ex-smokers and current smokers <0.001.