TABLE 2 Prevalence of wheeze, asthma, eczema and hay fever in 10 year-old children followed up by postal questionnaire and by routinely collected healthcare data
Postal questionnaireAugmented follow-up
Subjects n9341748
Ever wheezed205 (22.1)
Wheezed in past 12 months110 (11.9)
Wheezed in the absence of a cold in past 12 months75 (8.1)
Ever had asthma142 (15.2)
Doctor confirmed asthma136 (14.8)
Medication to treat asthma in past 12 months109 (11.7)161 (9.2)
Asthma and wheeze in previous 12 months78 (8.5)
Ever eczema298 (32.6)
Doctor confirmed eczema244 (32.0)
Medication to treat eczema in past 12 months81 (8.7)
Ever hay fever253 (27.2)
Doctor confirmed hay fever119 (13.1)
Medication to treat hay fever in past 12 months212 (23.0)
  • Data are presented as n (%), unless otherwise stated.