TABLE 3 Spearman coefficient and p-values for correlations between observed measurements during cycle exercise
Spearman coefficientp-value
EMGdi%max0.98 (0.94–0.99)0.0001
EMGdi%max/VT%VCpred0.94 (0.84–0.99)0.005
VE0.96 (0.93–0.99)0.003
VT%VCpred0.90 (0.67–0.96)0.01
  • Date are presented as mean (IQR), unless otherwise stated. EMGdi%max: mean root mean square (RMS) diaphragm electromyogram (EMGdi) activity per breath, expressed as a percentage of maximum RMS EMGdi recorded during maximal inspiratory manoeuvres; VT%VCpred: tidal volume expressed as a percentage of predicted vital capacity; VE: minute ventilation.