TABLE 2 Prediction equations for adult Malagasy males and females aged 18–73 years
ParameterPrediction equationsdresiduals1.64×sdresiduals
 FEV1 L3.16624H-0.02008A-1.300860.390.65
 FVC L3.81011H-0.02029A-1.841660.480.79
 FEV1/FVC %-0.07029A+88.815845.669.29
 FEV1 L3.25608H-0.01571A-2.021930.320.53
 FVC L3.88087H-0.01513A-2.637960.370.61
 FEV1/FVC %-0.097A+90.368595.729.30
  • Lower limit of normal (5th percentile) is estimated as predicted-(1.645×sdresiduals). sdresiduals: standard deviation of the difference between measured and predicted values; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; FVC: forced vital capacity; H: height in metres; A: age in years.