Efficacy of linezolid containing regimens in multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) adults: the current scientific evidence

First author [ref.]Sample sizeDesignMDR-/
Culture conversionTreatment successDaily linezolid dosage mg
Observational studies
 Sotgiu [31]121Systematic review of the observational studies82/39100/107 (93.5)99/121 (81.8)300, 400, 450, 600 (once and twice daily)
 Zhang [35]15Retrospective0/159/15 (60.0)9/15 (60.0)600 once daily
 Xu [36]18Retrospective3/1516/18 (88.9)9/18 (50.0)600 twice daily, 900
Experimental studies
 Lee [32]39Randomised, phase 2a0/3934/38 (89)600 once daily, 300 once daily
 Tang [34]65Randomised, controlled0/6526/33 (78.8)23/33 (69.7)300, 600 (once and twice daily)
  • Data are presented as n or n/N (%). XDR-TB: extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis.