Table 11– Reliability of the endurance shuttle walk test (ESWT) in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
First author [ref.]Mean age yearsDisease severityMethod of repeatability/ reliabilityResultComments
McKeough [208]72ModerateTest 1 versus test 2 (pre-exercise training),
test 3 versus test 4 (post-exercise training)
Test 1 versus test 2 mean difference 2 s
(p=0.95), test 3 versus test 4 mean difference 44 s (p=0.07)
Repeatability pre- and post-8–12 weeks cycling or tai chi training, ESWT at 85% of best ISWT
Revill [240]68SevereTest 1 versus test 2Test 1 versus test 2 mean difference 12 s (95%CI -3–28 s)ESWT at 85% on best ISWT, same Borg dyspnoea score at the end of both tests in 77% of sample, Bland–Altman shows limits of agreement ±100 s
Hill [48]67Mild to severeTest 1 versus test 2 on same dayTest 1 versus test 2 mean±sd difference 50±83 s, n=18Mean differences between tests: heart rate 2 bpm, SpO2 1%
  • ISWT: incremental shuttle walk test; SpO2: arterial oxygen saturation measured by pulse oximetry.