Table 1– Primary ciliary dyskinesia subject characteristics
SubjectAge yearsHSV findingsTEM findingsnNO ppbFEV1 LFEV1 % predicted
119.0Static and twitchingNormal1003.7484
216.8StaticODA defect862.9567
321.6StaticODA defect433.26105
461.1Static and twitchingODA and IDA defect570.636
543.4StaticODA and IDA defect301.8271
618.9Dyskinetic and uncoordinatedAxonemal disorganisation and absent IDAs403.1280
  • HSV: high-speed video microscopy; TEM: transmission electron microscopy; nNO: nasal nitric oxide; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; ODA: outer dynein arm; IDA: inner dynein arm.