Table 1– Clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients with intentional sublobar resection
First author [ref.]Study designPatients nStageMean tumour size cmFollow-up monthsMode of sublobar resectionMortality %Intraoperative mediastinal lymph node evaluation %Overall 5-year survival %Local recurrence %
Ginsburg [32]Prospective122IANot reportedNot reportedSegmentectomy: n=82 Wedge resection: n=400.8100At 4 years: 6018
Kodama [33]Retrospective46IA1.7Median: 30Segmentectomy089938.7
Tsubota [34]Prospective55IA (T1a)1.7Mean: 47.2Segmentectomy0100912
Okada [35]Prospective305#IA (T1a)1.6Median: 72Segmentectomy: n=230 Wedge resection: n=30Not reported10089.64.9
Koike [36]Prospective223IA (T1a)Not reportedMedian: 70SegmentectomyNot reported10089.63.6
Tsutani [37]Retrospective98IA1.7Median: 43.2Segmentectomy0Not reportedAt 3 years: 96.93
  • #: 45 patients converted to other procedures.