Table 4– Distribution of symptomatic patients with chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis with and without pulmonary hypertension according to the risk assessment score for pulmonary hypertension
Points#mPAP at right heart catheterisationTotal
<25 mmHg≥25 mmHg
  • Data are presented as n. Chi-squared 17.00, p<0.01 by Fisher’s exact test. mPAP: mean pulmonary arterial pressure. #: one point was given for each of the following findings: systolic pulmonary arterial pressure ≥40 mmHg on echocardiography, forced vital capacity ≤60% predicted and arterial oxygen tension ≤70 mmHg at rest. The absence of a detectable tricuspid regurgitant jet by echocardiography was assigned zero points. Forced vital capacity values could not be obtained in two patients.