Table 2– Pairwise association of exhaled breath condensate (EBC) NO2/NO3, exhaled nitric oxide fraction (FeNO) levels and eosinophil count in all subjects, and according to allergic sensitisation
EBC NO2/NO3 level μmol per mg proteins#FeNO level ppb
All subjects
 Eosinophil cells per mm34920.140.090.105050.250.04<0.0001
FeNO level ppb5100.140.080.10
Non-sensitised subjects
 Eosinophil cells per mm32040.150.130.32080.150.050.01
FeNO level ppb215−
Sensitised subjects
 Eosinophil cells per mm32880.150.110.22970.310.06<0.0001
FeNO level ppb2950.210.100.04
  • #: adjusted for age, sex, smoking, ambient ozone concentration, asthma and centre; : adjusted for age, sex, smoking, height, asthma and centre (generalised estimating equation linear regression methods).