Table 8– End of multidrug-resistant/extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) treatment checklist (translated versions of this table can be found in the online supplement)
 Was treatment completed according to the national TB programme protocol?
 Was the total duration of treatment recorded?
 Were microbiological evaluations performed as recommended by the World Health Organization?
  Three or more consecutive sputum cultures taken ≥30 days apart are negative after the intensive phase of treatment (pulmonary disease only)
 Is the discharge letter to the future carer complete?
 Was the outcome reported to a national database and lodged with the ECDC?
 Has a first follow-up appointment been arranged?
 Have the patient’s contact details been recorded?
 Is the patient informed about signs and symptoms of TB recurrence?
  • This checklist is also available as a form for use in clinical practice in the online supplementary material (table S2).