Table 7– Discharge checklist for the end of the in-patient treatment of multidrug-resistant (MDR)/extensively drug-resistant (XDR) tuberculosis (TB) (translated versions of this table can be found in the online supplement)
 Has contact tracing been completed?
 Has the discharge summary been completed?
 Is the list of current medication known to the patient and future carer?
 Has access to medication for outpatient treatment been secured?
 Is there confidence that the patient is taking the medication?
 Have all adverse event issues of the treatment been addressed?
 Has a copy of the treatment record been handed to the patient and future carer?
 Have housing arrangements been confirmed (if needed)?
 Is the patient’s address known to the hospital, carer and public health office?
 Is social support (e.g. sufficient money for food, rent, clothes and household goods) available?
 Are contact details of the TB support worker known to the hospital, carer and public health office?
 Has daily DOT been organised?
 Has a hospital contact number for advice been handed to the patient?
 Has the date of the first follow-up appointment been arranged?
 Has the (local/regional/national) MDR/XDR-TB consilium been informed?
 Are the patient and future carer aware of the monitoring schedule during the outpatient phase of treatment?
  • This checklist is also available as a form for use in clinical practice in the online supplementary material (table S1). DOT: directly observed therapy.