Table 4– Reclassification of patients who died and those who did not die with inclusion of baseline 6-min walk distance (6MWD) and 24-week change in 6MWD#
Model without 6MWD/Δ6MWD: predicted mortality riskModel with 6MWD/Δ6MWD: predicted mortality risk
Patients who died
Patients who did not die
Events reclassified correctly10.1%; p=0.088
Nonevents reclassified correctly16.0%; p<0.001
Net reclassification improvement26.1%; p<0.001
  • Δ6MWD: 24-week change in 6MWD. #: stratification based on quartiles of the distribution for 6MWD and Δ6MWD.