Table 1– High-resolution computed tomography (CT) morphology and follow-up data
PatientBAL CD4/CD8CT findings at baselineFollow-up
MacronodulesRandom micronodulesBronchiectasisConsolidationGround glassLinesCT#Lung function#Steroid treatment
Smooth marginHaloAir bronchogramSubpleuralReticular
17.5XXXX↑ (83)NDNo
212.9XXX↓ (74)↑ (49)No
3NDXXX↓ (97)= (93)Yes
42.2XXXX= (14)= (36)Yes
53.8XXXX= (53)↓ (56)Yes
624.0XX= (6)↑ (6)No
75.1XXX↑ (16)= (30)No
81.5XXX (coarse)ND= (40)No
92.0XXX= (23)↑ (24)Yes
116.4XND↓ (10)Yes
  • Stable lung function (=) was defined as a deviation of <10% predicted in forced vital capacity, total lung capacity or diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide. Also changes in high-resolution CT during follow-up were categorised as stable (=), improved (↑) or worsened (↓). BAL: bronchoalveolar lavage; ND: not determined; X: present. #: follow-up time in months is shown in parentheses.