Table 2– Functional class, 6-min walk distance (6MWD) and haemodynamics at the baseline, month 4 and final follow-up visits
BaselineMonth 4 visitFinal follow-up visit#
NYHA FC I/II/III/IV n0/0/8/101/16/1/0**4/14/0/0**
6MWD m227±171463±94**514±105**
 RAP mmHg11.9±5.24.9±4.9**5.2±3.5**
 mPAP mmHg65.8±13.745.7±14.0**44.4±13.4**
 PCWP mmHg8.4±3.56.7±3.27.9±2.8
 Cardiac index L·min−1·m−21.66±0.353.49±0.69**3.64±0.65**
 PVR dyn·s·cm−51718±627564±260**492±209**
 Mean BP mmHg92.1±12.580.1±11.7**84.9±19.4
 HR beats per min92.3±10.783.9±9.8**79.9±13.4**
SvO2 %51.0±8.569.7±5.2**72.2±4.0**
Dose of epoprostenol achieved ng·kg−1·min−1015.9±1.919.6±6.0
  • Data are presented as mean±sd unless otherwise stated. n=18. NYHA: New York Heart Association; FC: functional class; 6MWD: 6-minute walk distance; RAP: right atrial pressure; mPAP: mean pulmonary arterial pressure; PCWP: pulmonary capillary wedge pressure; PVR: pulmonary vascular resistance; BP: blood pressure; HR: heart rate; SvO2: mixed venous oxygen saturation. #: follow-up time 32±19 months. **: p<0.01 versus baseline; : p<0.01 versus month 4 visit.