Table 1– Main features of studies reporting on the prognostic value of right ventricle dilation or dysfunction at computed tomography angiography
First author [ref.]YearStudy designIncluded patientsAge yearsMaleHypotension at admissionStudy outcomeFollow-up duration
Apfaltrer [19]2012Retrospective6065±14.447 (78)NADeath or adverse clinical events§2 months
Araoz [20]2003Retrospective17360±17106 (61)NADeath and adverse clinical events§In hospital
Araoz [21]2007Retrospective119363±16552 (46)64+Death3 months
Aviram [22]2008Retrospective14567±1950 (35.5)NAAll-cause mortality1 month
Baptista [23]2013Retrospective3959.1±19.618 (46.2)NAAll-cause mortality40 days, 33 months
Bazeed [24]2010Retrospective4854±2226 (54)NAAll-cause mortalityIn hospital
Becattini [11]2011Prospective45767±16.2209 (45.7)46All-cause mortality or clinical deterioration§In hospital
Cai [25]#2013Retrospective1596M: 60.8±13.9
NM: 54.5±18.8
M: 378 (45.3)
NM: 336 (44.2)
NAAll-cause mortality1 month
Ceylan [26]2011Retrospective12265±1561 (50)NAAll-cause mortalityIn hospital
az [27]2007Retrospective8960.2 (27–89)35 (39)NADeath3 months
Furlan [28]2012Retrospective63558 (18–94)304 (48)NADeath1 month
Ghaye [29]2006Retrospective8261±1540 (49)32+All-cause mortalityIn hospital
Gul [30]2012Prospective6162±1723 (37.7)0Death1 month
Henzler [31]2010Retrospective100NANANADeath or adverse clinical events§1 month
Jimenéz [32]2013Prospective84872 (59–80)416 (49)34All-cause mortality1 month
Jeebun [33]2010Retrospective13765±16 (20–90)57 (42)41DeathIn hospital
Kang [34]2011Retrospective26055±18139 (53.5)0All-cause mortality or adverse outcome§1 month
Klok [35]2010Prospective11356±1760 (53)0Death or adverse clinical events§6 weeks
Kumamaru [36, 37]2012Retrospective20060±1687 (43.5)NAPE-related death or clinical deterioration§1 month
Lu [38]2008Retrospective5060±13 (23–82)19 (38)NADeath (all-cause and PE-related)1 month
Lu [39]2012Retrospective67458±17302 (44.8)NADeath (all-cause and PE-related)1 month
Mansencal [40]2005Prospective4654±1630 (65)5All-cause mortality3 months
Meyer [41]2012Prospective83Male: 61±13
Female: 64±18
46 (55)0All-cause mortality and clinical deterioration2 months
Moroni [42]2011Retrospective22667±17114 (50.4)0All-cause mortality3 months
Nural [43]2009Retrospective5361 (22–85)26 (49)20All-cause mortality1 month
Ozsu [44]2010Prospective10870 (21–90)61 (56)0All-cause mortality1 month
Ozsu [45]2012Retrospective9967±1534 (34)0All-cause mortality3 months
Park [46]2011Retrospective5663.5 (52–71)28 (50)9PE-related death or clinical deterioration§1 month
Quiroz [10]2004Retrospective6358±1527 (43)13Death or adverse clinical events§1 month
Schoepf [47]2004Retrospective43159±16192 (45)27All-cause mortality1 month
Soares [48]2013Retrospective9654±2045 (47)2All-cause mortality3 months
Stein [49]2008Retrospective15757±1765 (41)NADeath (all-cause and PE-related)In hospital
van der Bijl [50]2011Prospective11357±1660 (53)0Death or adverse clinical events§6 weeks
van der Meer [51]2005Retrospective12059±18 (18–89)55 (46)0Death (all-cause and PE-related)3 months
Venkatesh [52]2010Retrospective12560 (16–94)47 (38)NAPE-related death1 month
Zondag [53]2013Post hoc analysis49658±17268 (54)26All-cause mortality1 month
  • Data are presented as n, mean±sd, mean (range), mean±sd (range) or n (%). M: malignancy; NM: no malignancy; NA: not available; PE: pulmonary embolism. #: data are reported separately for the two study groups; : studies reporting on the same study population; +: systolic blood pressure defined as <100 mmHg; §: adverse clinical events usually included: cardiopulmonary resuscitation, mechanical ventilation, vasopressor therapy for systemic arterial hypotension, thrombolysis, catheter intervention, surgical embolectomy or subsequent admission to the intensive care unit.