Table 1– Characteristics of patients and their bronchoalveolar lavage samples
Patients n21167
Age years4.5±4.33.2±2.40.038
Total cell count ×106 per mL2.3±3.15.7±12.80.001
Macrophages ×103 per mL121±91302±3600.005
Neutrophils ×103 per mL163±426252±9760.006
Presence of neutrophil elastase n (%)1 (5)52 (31)0.021
Interleukin-8 pg·mL−11550±54325538±2533<0.0001
Myeloperoxidase ng·mL−1281±7022498±749<0.0001
mmol 3-chlorotyrosine per mol of tyrosine0.03±0.030.32±0.3<0.0001
GSH concentration nM3937±23982217±19100.030
GSSG concentration nM114±165106±2440.45
GSA concentration nM2.0±3.76.4±28.90.051
GSH# %95.1±4.491.3±10.40.16
GSSG# %4.8±4.48.2±10.10.20
GSA# %0.1±0.10.4±1.20.01
  • Data are presented as mean±sd untransformed (raw) values, unless otherwise stated. CF: cystic fibrosis; GSH: glutathione; GSSG: oxidised GSH; GSA: GSH sulfonamide. Age was added as a confounder to all analyses. Analyses were conducted on log (ln) transformed data with the exception of per cent GSH. The percentage of each species of GSH was calculated in relation to the total GSH concentration (GSH+2 × GSSG+GSA). #: Analysis performed by Mann-Whitney rank sum test on untransformed data. Age was not added as a covariate.