Table 2– Characteristics of European Union studies included in the systematic review
Study [ref.]YearCountryMethod usedSettingData availableReference year for costsType of TB assessedSamplingComments
Department of Health [47]2009UKPooled routine dataGovernmental assessmentTotal treatment costs2009“Normal” and drug-resistant TBNANo distinction between inpatients and outpatients
White et al. [35]2000UKRetrospective analysisHospital data from St Bartholomew’s Hospital, LondonTotal treatment costs of adult HIV-negative patients2000Drug-susceptible and MDR-TB9 MDR-TB and 18 drug-susceptible TB patients matched by age group and ethnicity 1996–1999Local data, not representative of UK
Deuffic-Burban et al. [36]2010FranceModelling per patientUnit costs were obtained from the French registers and drug costs from the pharmacy records of Tourcoing Hospital, TourcoingTotal treatment costs2007Drug-susceptible TB onlyNAFigures embedded in cost-effectiveness analysis of latent TB infection diagnostics
French National Assembly# [37]2011FrancePooled routine dataGovernmental assessmentMedication costs only2009Drug-susceptible TB, MDR-TB and XDR-TBNA
Bocchino et al. [38]2006ItalyRetrospective analysisDivision of Respiratory Medicine,University of Tor Vergata, “L Spallanzani”, RomeTotal treatment costs of adult HIV-negative patients2002Drug-susceptible TB and MDR-TBReview of the medical records of 92 TB cases 2000–2003Local data, not representative of Italy
Montes-Santiago et al. [39]2004SpainRetrospective analysisRecalculation of governmental data (weighted averaging)Total treatment costs2006Drug-susceptible TB onlyEvaluation of routine dataTB patients assigned to the respective diagnosis-related groups
Rajalahti et al. [40]2004FinlandRetrospective analysisCombined annual data of two University Hospital Districts (Pirkanmaa and Varsinais-Suomi)Total treatment costs2000Susceptible TB only27 culture-proven pulmonary TB patientsLocal data, not representative of Finland
Diel et al. [41]2012GermanyModelling per patientWeighted averaging of cost data, provided separately for children and adultsAll types of costs calculated2010Drug-susceptible and MDR-TBAll TB cases reported in 2010 includedEpidemiological data and unit costs assessed according to the German public health insurance system
Blaas et al. [42]2008GermanyRetrospective analysisAveraging of individual cost occurring in the University Hospital Regensburg, RegensburgTotal treatment costs1998–2003XDR-TB only4 XDR-TB patients 1998–2003
Eker et al. [43]2008GermanyRetrospective analysis27 participating hospitalsDuration of hospitalisationNAMDR-/XDR-TB patients only177 MDR-TB and 7 XDR-TB cases 2004–200637% of all culture-confirmed TB cases in Germany included
de Vries et al. [44]2013The NetherlandsRetrospective analysisCosts derived from the official National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and Royal Netherlands Tuberculosis Association (KNCV) Tuberculosis Foundation dataTotal treatment costs2009Drug-susceptible, MDR- and XDR-TB1138 patients with non-MDR-TB and 20 with MDR-/XDR-TBComplete countrywide review
Belgian Lung and Tuberculosis Association [48]2012BelgiumPooled routine dataGovernmental assessmentMedication costs only2012Drug-susceptible TB, MDR-TB and XDR-TBNA
Rumetshofer [45]2008AustriaRetrospective analysisPharmacy records of the Otto Wagner Hospital, ViennaMedication costs only2008Drug-susceptible TB, MDR-TB and XDR-TBNA
Floyd et al. [46]2012EstoniaRetrospective cohort analysisAverage cost per patient treated according to World Health Organization guidelinesTotal treatment costs2003MDR-TB onlyCohort of 149 TB cases (enrolled 2001–2002) followed
  • TB: tuberculosis; NA: not available; MDR: multidrug-resistant; XDR: extensively drug-resistant. #: registered June 9, 2011.