Table 3– Emphysema and small airways disease measurements
Biomass groupTobacco groupp-value
Emphysema measurements
 Radiologist emphysema score0.67±0.802.33±1.530.0001
 %LAA <950 HU at inspiratory scan19.28±10.6527.07±10.240.02
 Size of emphysematous spaces (D)2.57±0.562.07±0.330.002
Airways measurements
 Radiologist air trapping score2.60±0.821.52±1.120.006
 %LAA <856 HU at expiratory scan54.00±13.6956.60±15.260.57
 Square root of wall area at lumen perimeter=10 mm4.48±0.344.33±4.170.17
 Airway wall area percentage79.07±3.6177.91±3.760.31
 CT lung density ratio1.18±0.171.34±0.190.004
  • Data are presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. %LAA: % low attenuation area; CT: computed tomography.