Table 1– Summary evaluation report of the first 10 cases seeking expert advice through the European Respiratory Society/World Health Organization Consilium
Country of  request  originCountry of birthSexAge yearsClinical question to the expertTime to load request minResponse time hStrain susceptibilityP/EPRequest for second opinion from the expertsClinician satisfiedExperts' reported problems
ItalyMoldovaF29Treatment regimen (after 9 months, still bacteriologically positive; when to stop it)2024SusceptiblePYesYesNo
VietnamVietnamF14Treatment regimen (drug choice)2024MDR-TBPYesYesNo
MoldovaMoldovaM34Treatment regimen (drug choice)2024XDR-TBPNoYesNo
IndiaIndiaF12Treatment regimen (drug choice)2024Pre-XDR-TBP/EP (lymph node)NoYesNo
UKIndiaF19Treatment regimen (drug choice)2024XDR-TBEP (cervical and mediastinal lymph node)NoYesNo
UKRomaniaF36Treatment regimen and drug interactions2024MDR-TBPNoYesNo
ItalyMoldovaF28Treatment duration (drug choice)2024MDR-TBPNoYesNo
UKSomaliaM40Treatment regimen, advice for monitoring the response and when to stop treatment20144#MDR-TBEP (mediastinal lymphadenopathy)NoYesNo
UKIndiaM35Advice for management of cachexia, muscle wasting and possible surgery; confirmation of MDR-TB treatment plan2048MDR-TBPNoYesNo
UKIndiaF32Treatment regimen, advice for surgery, advice for PET2024MDR-TBEP (chronic abscess on left thigh)NoYesNo
  • P: pulmonary; EP: extrapulmonary; F: female; M: male; MDR: multidrug-resistant; TB: tuberculosis; XDR: extensively drug-resistant; pre-XDR-TB: MDR-TB with additional resistant to a fluoroquinolone drug; PET: positron emission tomography. #: one expert took 6 days to respond.