Table 3– Mean volumetric measurements and changes for computed tomography findings at time-points 1 and 2
FindingTime-point 1Time-point 2Difference±sd
Total normal L2.5±1.02.2±1.1-0.3±0.6
Total emphysema L0.02±0.040.01±0.03-0.002±0.03
Total emphysema %0.4±1.20.4±1.00.0±0.9
Total GGO L0.3±0.30.4±0.40.08±0.3
Total GGO# %10.2±10.613.3±12.83.2±9.8
Total reticular L0.5±0.30.6±0.40.06±0.2
Total reticular# %15.1±9.918.1±12.43.0±6.4
Total honeycombing L0.2±0.30.2±0.3-0.01±0.2
Total honeycombing# %6.0±6.96.0±8.8-0.1±6.3
Total ILD L1.1±0.61.2±0.60.1±0.4
Total ILD# %31.3±16.837.4±22.16.1±13.0
Total lung volume L3.6±0.83.5±0.9-0.2±0.4
  • Data are presented as mean±sd, unless otherwise stated. GGO: ground-glass opacities; ILD: interstitial lung disease (ground glass + reticular + honeycombing). #: % of total lung volume.