Table 5– Priority questions on phenotypes
1) The validation of the eosinophilic versus non-eosinophilic, and of the Th2 predominant versus non-Th2 asthma phenotype, are they persistent over time and do they predict distinct natural histories?
2) Are risk factors, comorbid factors and natural history also governed by specific immune-inflammatory phenotypes?
3) Are there genetic, epigenetic and inflammatory biomarkers of specific phenotypes or characteristics of severe asthma?
4) Is the innate immune response abnormal in severe asthma, and do these contribute to inflammation and remodelling of the airways?
5) What is the relationship between structural determinants, inflammation and airway function in severe asthma, and can imaging be used to noninvasively address these issues?
6) Is there an altered microbiome and virobiome in the airways of severe asthma?
  • Th: T-helper cell.