Table 1– Burden of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in Moldova, 2007–2010
IndicatorEntire countryPenitentiary system
NewPreviously treatedTotal§Rest of MoldovaTransnistria
NewPreviously treatedTotalNewPreviously treatedTotal
Notified MDR-TB cases n1279214634478331439971724
MDR-TB of all with DST# %23.5 (22.4–24.7)61.5 (59.9–63.1)38.4 (37.4–39.5)36.9 (30.9–43.4)82.8 (78.7–86.3)65.8 (62.0–69.5)77.7 (45.3–93.7)77.3 (56.6–89.9)77.4 (60.2–88.6)
Notified MDR-TB incidence per 100 000 people7.813.020.91194495703994133
Estimated MDR-TB incidence per 100 000 people (based on smear and/or culture positive diagnoses)10.9 (9.7–12.1)19.6 (18.6–20.7)30.2 (28.6–31.8)151 (98–205)684 (601–767)817 (719–916)414 (59–771)545 (246–845)959 (517–1401)
Estimated MDR-TB incidence per 100 000 people (based on all methods of TB diagnosis)+22.2 (19.7–24.7)27.9 (26.4–29.4)54.0 (51.1–56.9)326 (211–441)884 (776–992)1293 (1138–1451)708 (101–1317)640 (288–991)1346 (726–1966)
  • 95% confidence intervals are shown in parentheses. The number of notified MDR-TB cases, percentage of tuberculosis (TB) cases with MDR-TB, and the notified and estimated incidence of MDR-TB by case type are shown. Results for the entire country and the subset of those diagnosed within the penitentiary system are shown. Any notable annual trends within the entire dataset are indicated in the footnotes and shown in full in tables S7 and S8. DST: drug susceptibility testing sufficient to diagnose MDR-TB. #: exact binomial confidence interval using method of Agresti and Coull [18]; : confidence intervals estimated using the Delta method; +: the MDR-TB incidence per capita estimated from the entire database fell each year (driven by the decrease in TB incidence per capita), the total figure for 2010 was 49.62 (based on all methods of TB diagnosis); §: includes 22 cases that initiated treatment abroad.