Table 1– Xpert results for pleural fluid and pleural tissue
Diagnostic test results contributing to the diagnosisSubjects nXpert positive in pleural fluidXpert positive in pleural tissue
 Positive pleural tissue culture820
 Positive pleural fluid culture000
 Positive pleural fluid smear110
 MTB identified at other site300
 Histopathology with granulomas2420
 Lymphocytic exudate with elevated ADA1810
Alternative diagnosis630#1
 Definite malignancy by pathology or cytology3601
 Pleural tissue culture and histopathology negative for tuberculosis6501
  • MTB: Mycobacterium tuberculosis; ADA: adenosine deaminase. #: sensitivity 13.3% (four out of 30; 95% CI 4–31%) and specificity 100% (61 out of 61; 95% CI 94–100%); : sensitivity 0% (none out of 17; 95% CI 0–20%) and specificity 97.4% (37 out of 38; 95% CI 86–100%).