Table 3– Prevalence of self-reported recent respiratory symptoms in the total study population in the Swedish Environmental Survey of 2007, and stratified by region
OutcomeTotalScaniaSouth East and GotlandMälardalenWestStockholmCentralNorth
Subjects n25 851112210 30511823941592121471233
Asthma symptoms past 12 months7.
Asthma medication use past 12 months7.87.67.510.
Blocked nose/hay fever >4 days a week past 12 months18.019.117.418.316.920.316.317.3
Woken by chest tightness/cough past 3 months19.419.119.222.419.220.118.617.8
Restricted activity days due to respiratory symptoms past 3 months10.910.310.210.711.612.410.19.2
  • Data are presented as %, unless otherwise stated.