Table 5– Final model from stepwise logistic regression: absolute and relative
OR (95% CI)p-value
Model for “absolute” response
 Age0.97 (0.94–1.00)0.068
 BI-baseline1.04 (1.03–1.06)0.000
 Currow1.52 (0.59–3.85)0.382
 Johnson2.68 (0.45–15.95)0.278
 Oxberry3.03 (1.12–8.19)0.031
Model for “relative” response
 Age0.96 (0.93–1.00)0.025
 BI-baseline1.03 (1.02–1.05)0.000
 Currow2.04 (0.85–4.90)0.109
 Johnson4.38 (0.80–24.13)0.090
 Oxberry2.09 (0.84–5.18)0.113
  • Standard error adjusted for 166 clusters in “study”. The odds ratio indicates whether the patients with that characteristic were more (>1) or less (<1) likely to respond to morphine, e.g. those with “more” age (older) were less (<1) likely to respond to morphine. BI: breathlessness intensity.