Table 5– Core activities to achieve tuberculosis (TB) elimination in Europe
TB elimination areaCore activities
TB control commitment, TB awareness and capacity of health systemsMaintaining and enhancing government commitment to engage with the nonstate, private sector and sustain TB control and elimination
Planning and retaining the adequate human resources necessary to ensure quality TB control and elimination activities at all levels
SurveillanceEstablishing targets, implementing quality surveillance and monitoring (including transition patterns with molecular epidemiology) and adequate modelling to evaluate impact
Laboratory servicesImproving laboratory services for quality microbiology diagnosis and implementation of ongoing transmission and molecular epidemiology studies
Prompt and quality TB care for allIdentifying and addressing social- and economical-TB determinants (e.g. housing, nutrition, smoking, etc.) with particular attention to high-risk groups and vulnerable populations to reduce incidence
Improving efficiency of services and ensuring financing of services through social protection mechanisms and universal health coverage/free care
Improving service deliveries ensuring early diagnosis, efficient treatment and through-care of all types of TB
Multidrug-resistant/extensively drug-resistant TB and TB/HIV co-infectionPreventing emerging of further drug resistance and effective treatment of existing multidrug-resistant/extensively drug-resistant TB cases
Preventing further spread of HIV infection, effective testing and anti-retroviral treatment through quality implementation of TB/HIV collaborating activities
New tools for TB control and eliminationEnsuring preventive treatment of latent TB infection and airborne infection control
Promoting innovative research on new diagnostics, drugs and vaccines
Targeting adoption of the new tools to accelerate achievement of TB elimination with special attention to children, people infected with HIV and other immunosuppressed individuals (e.g. tumour necrosis factor-α).
Ensuring rational use of new drugs for the treatment of TB and latent TB infection
Partnership and collaboration with countriesDeveloping joint planning and monitoring and evaluation, and pan-European collaboration to sustain TB elimination