Table 2– Pharmacokinetic parameters of the second line anti-tuberculosis drugs [28]
DrugDoseCmax μg·mL−1Time to Cmax ht1/2 hAUC0–24 μg·h−1·mL1
Linezolid600 mg20.41.45.8140.8
Clarithromycin500 mg1–1.52–43–7
Para-aminosalicylic acid (granules)4 g51.35.2368
Clofazimine100 mg05–22–710 days–2 weeks1.5
Ofloxacin800 mg10.517103
Levofloxacin1 g15.517.37131
Moxifloxacin400 mg6.1316.5360
Amikacin15 mg·kg−1 i.v.462.5
Kanamycin15 mg·kg−1 i.v.442.2
Capreomycin1 g i.m.32
Ethionamide500 mg1.3521.632.8
Prothionamide250 mg2.53.4311.3
Cycloserine250 mg8–92–325.1
  • t1/2 : half-life; AUC: area under the curve from 0 to 24 h.