Table 1– Pharmacokinetic parameters of sulfamethoxazole for the treatment of different infections from previous studies
InfectionSubjectsDosage regiment½ hVD L·kg−1Clearance mL·min−1·kg−1AUC mg·L−1·h−1[Ref.]
Bacterial skin disease12Single dose 0.23 g orally10.0±1.1N/AN/A1295±823[6]
Normal meninges925 mg·kg−1 over 120 min i.v.9.8±1.50.30±0.040.36±0.031160±103[7]
AIDS875 mg·kg−1 daily i.v.15.5±7.40.5±0.30.40±0.12N/A[8]
HIV10800 mg once daily orallyN/AN/AN/A574.2 (342.6–796.3)[9]
  • Data are presented as n, mean±sd or median (range). t½: half-life; VD: volume of distribution; AUC: area under the concentration–time curve; N/A: not available.