Table 4– Characteristics of clinically identified and unrecognised radiographic pneumonias
Clinical characteristicsClinically identified radiographic pneumoniaClinically unrecognised radiographic pneumoniap-value
Patients n4199
Symptoms and signs
 Runny nose44640.031
 Chest pain68520.068
 Comorbidity (pulmonary, cardiac or DM)#20230.629
 Abnormal auscultation lungs8350<0.001
  Diminished vesicular breathing15200.441
 Heart rate >100 beats·min−12470.004
 Breathing frequency >24 breaths·min−11020.040
 Blood pressure <90/60 mmHg1240.073
Gradation of illness
 Severe cough30430.143
 Severe breathlessness26130.133
 Severe fever3170.002
 Severe chest pain2380.045
 Severe general unwellness25260.912
 Severe interference with daily activities23270.697
  • Data are presented as %, unless otherwise stated. DM: diabetes mellitus. #: pulmonary comorbidity was defined as history of asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cardiac comorbidity was defined as history of heart failure or ischaemic heart disease; : as judged by the patient.