Table 1– Primers and probes used in this study
PrimersSequenceNucleotide positionTargetGATC-site positionAmplification conditions
Inverse PCR
 TTMV-LY-9F5'-GACCACAAACCGTCACTTAGTTCC-3'42–65BetatorquevirusNA95°C for 1 min
40 cycles: 95°C for 30 s
54°C for 1 min
72°C for 3 min
72°C for 10 min
Real-time PCR
 TTMV-LY-F5'-ATTCGAATGGCTGAGTTTATGC-3'170–191Betatorquevirus210, 579, 267495°C for 3 min
35 cycles: 95°C for 10 s
54°C for 30 s
72°C for 34 s
2456, 2732,
  • Nucleotide position and GATC-sites are indicated based on TGP96 (AB041962) sequence. TTMV-LY: torque teno mini virus isolates; NA: not applicable; F: forward; R: reverse; P: probe. #: nucleotide positions are based on TTMV-LY2 sequence.