Table 2– Clinical characteristics of the asthmatic children at inclusion of the study
Age years10.7±0.4
Weight kg38.8±2.0
Height cm142.3±2.4
ACQ score (range)27.6±2.3 (9–64)
Lung function indices
 Reversibility, increase in FEV1 % pred5.9±1.1
 FEV1 % pred99.6±2.2
 FEV1/VC %83.9±1.5
 FVC % pred99.2±2.4
 MEF50 % pred82.6±3.8
Atopy yes/no29/11
 Total IgE kU·L−1493.3±120.7
 Active eczema7 (18)
 Allergic rhinitis4 (10)
 Dose of inhaled budesonide or equivalent μg587±53
 Long-acting β2-agonist21 (53)
 Antihistamines9 (23)
 Leukotriene receptor antagonist8 (20)
  • Data are presented as mean±sem, n or n (%), unless otherwise stated. ACQ: Asthma Control Questionnaire; FEV1: forced expiratory volume in 1 s; % pred: % predicted; VC: vital capacity; FVC: forced vital capacity; MEF50: mean expiratory flow at 50% of FVC; Ig: immunoglobulin.