Table 1– Association between index patients or contacts/exposure characteristics and positive screening in contacts
Crude univariate OR (95% CI)Adjusted multivariate OR (95% CI)#
Index patient characteristics
 Biological product studied
  Bronchoalveolar lavage11
  Sputum1.18 (0.69–2.02) ns2.01 (1.06–3.82)*
 Symptomatic period days1.004 (0.999–1.008) ns1.006 (1.001–1.011)*
 Chest radiography
  Without cavitation1
  Cavitation1.13 (0.68–1.87) ns
Contacts/exposure characteristics
  Male1.54 (0.93–2.55) ns1.50 (0.88–2.56) ns
 Age years1.02 (1.01–1.03)*1.03 (1.02–1.05)***
  Diabetes mellitus
   Yes2.60 (1.15–5.89)*
  Chronic renal failure
   Yes0.91 (0.42–1.96) ns
 Contact type
  Household4.86 (2.46–9.63)***4.26 (2.10–8.65)***
 Exposure duration h1.001 (1.000–1.001) ns
 Sleeping together
  Yes5.35 (1.99–14.39)*
 Eating together
  Yes1.62 (0.97–2.69) ns
 Size of the exposure site
  “Small”1.03 (0.55–1.93) ns
 Ventilation of the exposure site
  No1.13 (0.47–2.69) ns
  • #: the final binomial logistic model had biological product studied, symptomatic period, sex, age and contact type as explanatory variables. *: p<0.05. ***: p<0.001. ns: nonsignificant at the 0.05 level.