Table 3– Therapy of patients with pulmonary hypertension (PH) associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
COPD mean PAP 25–39 mmHgCOPD mean PAP ≥40 mmHg
Subjects n4259
COPD therapy at presentation
 Inhaled steroid/LABA combination5351
 Inhaled steroid1014
 Long-acting antimuscarinic4851
 Long-term oral prednisolone1014
Oxygen therapy
 >15 h·day−16485
Maximal PH therapy
 Oral monoRx14.364.4
 Oral comb.05.1
 Prostanoid monoRx01.7
 Prostanoid comb.2.41,7
  • Data are presented as %, unless otherwise stated. Prostanoid therapy was with nebulised or i.v. iloprost or s.c. treprostinil. PAP: pulmonary artery pressure; LABA: long-acting β-agonist; oral monoRx: oral monotherapy; oral comb.: combination of phosphodiesterare-5-inhibitor and endothelin receptor antagonist; prostanoid monoRx: prostanoid monotherapy; prostanoid comb.: prostanoid in combination with any other targeted therapy(ies).