Table 1– History and investigations
PatientHistory of atopy and/or asthma and nasal polyposisSkin testsTotal IgE# (maximum value) kU·L−1Aspergillus fumigatus antibodies (IgG and IgE)Smoking
Pack-yearsQuit date
1Conjunctivitis and rhinosinusitis in childhood (desensitisation)Positive (grass, short ragweed) Negative for A. fumigatus1709Negative20July 2011
2NoneNegative, especially for A. fumigatus90Negative0
3Rhinitis in childhood Exercise-related asthma
Nasal polyposis requiring surgery
Positive (grass) Negative for A. fumigatus486Negative (July 2007) Positive (February 2012)171994
4Chronic cough, possible asthma Nasal polyposis requiring surgeryNot tested391Negative81996
5NoneNegative, especially for A. fumigatus101Negative122006
6NoneNegative, especially for A. fumigatus920IgE positive: 3.58 m3 (n <0.10)
IgG: negative
  • Data are presented as n. #: normal IgE values are <150 kU·L−1 or <391 IU·mL−1;: value given in IU·mL−1.